Diamond Supply Co. New Diamond Long Sleeves and T-Shirts

Diamond hasn’t said whether or not they are releasing any new items for summer of 2012. But they do have some cool things in the Spring of 2012 collection. They came out wit ha theme of a golfer which i find not to be pleasant, but they have come out with weird things in the past like a hula dancer, with The Hundreds, and things like a fish. I hope Diamond comes out with new T- shirts, since i think that they are doing so very cheesy things right now.

Diamonds long sleeves in my opinion are better than the short sleeve. They are very stylish and have better themes.This is why i think long sleeve is better than short sleeved for Diamond Supply Co.

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Diamond Shirts and Pants

Diamond shirts are very stylish for this day in age for a young teenager. They are very high quality shirts, with amazing designs, but are very high in price.  That is the only downside to this amazing shirt, ranging from $25 to $35, so make sure you come with a full pocket of cash, to get these top dollar shirts. My favorite shirt is probably the Smokes Ring 2 tee, it is very cool looking shirt and it is very well put together. I think that if you ever have the time to get a really nice shirt, get a Diamond shirt, you wont regret it

Next are diamond pants, not really worth the money. Diamond Supply Co, has only come out with 2 pairs of jeans, and they are a fortune, around $120 to be exact! They are very high quality, but really not worth it, unless you like 2 wear dark blue denim or like an olive green denim. So as you can see, not very pleasant, so all i can simply say is, stick to the shirts.

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